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Past investment

Creganna Medical

At exit, Creganna Medical (Creganna) was a global manufacturing leader of delivery devices for the minimally invasive vascular surgery market. See how it was significantly transformed from a medical component manufacturer to a global leader in end-to-end manufacturing …

2010Acquisition year
2016Exit year
$895mExit value
Trade saleExit type
6Manufacturing sites

Together we achieved

  • Strengthening of Creganna’s position as a leading manufacturer in minimally invasive surgery delivery devices
  • Positioning Creganna as a leader in the higher growth segments of the market such as structural heart and electrophysiology
  • Expanding its global manufacturing footprint with 6 sites across the USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe
  • Sale to a trade buyer

This was accomplished by

  • Completing two transformative acquisitions, Precision Wire Components and ABT, that deepened Creganna’s manufacturing capabilities, widened its product portfolio, expanded its geographic footprint and improved its cost position
  • Recruiting top-tier managers and board members from leading medical device OEMs
  • Making significant strategic investments to build a global manufacturing footprint with 6 sites across the USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe – combining high value added capabilities and low cost agility
  • Developing design capabilities, enabling Creganna to deliver an end-to-end solution to its clients and be completely embedded with them from prototyping to volume manufacturing

The Metrics

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