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Head of Investor Relations
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Chief Human Resources Officer
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Head of Communications
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Marketing Manager
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Investing Responsibly

Our Approach

The Permira funds have been delivering value to investors for more than 30 years.

> 48,000 employees*
> €29bn Enterprise value*

Permira believes that a focus on sustainability is an important part of building lasting value in the funds’ portfolio companies.

Environment, social and governance (“ESG”) and sustainability considerations are embedded through- out the investment process and are expected to be a key part of the governance of the funds’ portfolio companies. Permira expects the funds’ portfolio companies to deploy sound ESG practices in their operations. Permira also engages with portfolio company management teams post-investment and through the investment period to understand how ESG risks and opportunities are being managed by the Permira Funds’ portfolio companies.


Embedding sustainability through the investment process



Industry body engagement:

Permira is a signatory to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”).



Adinah Shackleton, Head of Environment, Social and Governance, is a member of the BVCA’s Responsible Investment Advisory Group.


*As at 31 December 2015