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Private Credit

€3.5bnof capital deployed
97businesses invested in
12European countries


Capital and credit solutions from Permira Debt Managers


Permira Debt Managers is a leading provider of alternative credit solutions and long-term debt capital to successful European businesses. Through deep, cross sector insight and industry connections that foster growth, Permira Debt Managers help turn these businesses into industry leaders across the continent.

For many businesses, securing these kind of solutions can be challenging. That’s why they need the support of a partner with long term capital, decades of experience and a heritage of success.


An introduction to Permira Debt Managers




Supporting businesses across all sectors

Permira Debt Managers’ funds seek to provide credit solutions to successful, mid-sized European businesses across all sectors. They understand precisely what is needed to manage debt efficiently and realise a company’s potential for growth across Europe. The funds provide capital on completely bespoke terms and no two investments look the same.

Since inception in 2007, Permira Debt Managers’ funds have provided over €3.5bn of capital to 97 business in 12 European countries, supporting companies across diverse industries from publishing, theme parks, cinemas and restaurants, to industrial gears, sofa retailers and Aerospace suppliers.

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1Source: PDM Based on returns as at 30 Sep 2015. PCS1 (direct lending) benchmark from Preqin; all debt strategies; 2007 and 2008 vintage: Europe-focus. Data was run in Jan 2016. Structured credit funds (Sigma funds) benchmark from CreditFlux. See Appendix for details of calculation of performance methodology Loss ratio for PCS1 portfolio only; calculated based on invested capital Past performance is not a guide to future results