Portfolio Group

Our Portfolio Group is a dedicated team of 16 professionals with diverse operational backgrounds and skillsets. These specialists provide specific functional expertise to help management teams build better, stronger businesses.

Supporting management teams to create value.

The Portfolio Group is an experienced, global team that supports management teams to set a trajectory, get the right reporting and processes in place, and create the momentum for growth. This is delivered using a systematised and effective set of value creation toolkits to drive repeatability, sophisticated performance tracking and more effective knowledge sharing. 

These toolkits include: 

The Portfolio Group also has access to an extensive network of senior advisers and consultants across all four sectors, some of whom also sit on the boards of the funds' portfolio companies.

Portfolio Group Team

Riccardo Basile Image

Riccardo Basile

Operating Partner, Portfolio Group

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Elisabetta Frontini Image

Elisabetta Frontini

Head of Portfolio Group - Operating Partner

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