Arysta LifeScience

At exit, Arysta LifeScience (Arysta) was one of the world’s largest agrochemical businesses with a double-digit annual global growth rate. Find out how it grew into emerging markets with Permira’s support…



Together we achieved

  • A strong financial performance, with double-digit profit growth over the period
  • A focused, international acquisition and expansion, becoming the second-largest biostimulants provider in the world
  • A strategic shift in product portfolio towards a solutions-orientated offering
  • Significant supply chain savings

This was accomplished by

  • Focusing on market sectors and regions where Arysta could outperform the competition and grow revenue faster than the industry average
  • Accelerating expansion in targeted high-growth markets, including Latin America and Africa
  • Making strategic acquisitions in South Africa, India and France, including the acquisition of Goëmar (biostimulants)
  • Introducing an enhanced global supply chain management system that pooled purchasing and increased sourcing from low-cost production countries
  • Providing significant investment – expanding the product portfolio with over 3,600 registrations in over 100 countries, and reinforcing it with a robust patent portfolio of over 1,100 patents worldwide

The metrics


Transaction value


Acquisition year




Exit year


At entry - €117m
June 2014 - €230