Metalogix is a leading provider of trusted online management tools for mission-critical collaboration platforms. Over 14,000 clients in 86 countries now rely on their tools to monitor, migrate, store, synchronise, archive, secure and back up their platforms. See how Metalogix is planning to expand its position with our support…



Why we backed them

  • To build on its positioning as the leading independent software vendor for Microsoft SharePoint, one of Microsoft’s most important and fastest-growing enterprise productivity products in the Office and Office 365 suites
  • To back its diverse set of products, with positive exposure to secular and macro trends including the exponential growth of data, the shift to cloud computing and the proliferation of devices
  • To support an experienced management team with a track record of delivering growth in dynamic markets

The investment strategy

  • To take advantage of geographical expansion opportunities, particularly in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific
  • To back consolidation in a fragmented market
  • To develop the product offering on other emerging cloud collaboration platforms

The metrics


Acquisition year


Transaction value