27 Oct 2015

eDreams ODIGEO completes integration of its new technology platform

The leading online travel company eDreams ODIGEO has completed the rollout of its OneFront Platform, a new technology system which will enable it to be more responsive to customers’ needs by offering the best range of travel offers and prices, faster and more efficiently.

The new platform has now been successfully integrated across all 44 markets for the company’s core brands, eDreams, Opodo and GoVoyages. The technology works by consolidating the backend of each of the brands, whilst ensuring that the user experience is differentiated by keeping each brand’s unique identity.

Since being implemented, the OneFront Platform has already shown significant improvement in conversion rates across the group due to enhanced features such as better website navigation. This includes a new visually-appealing design, faster response times and a far superior user experience.

As one of Europe’s largest e-commerce companies, customer experience and technology is at the forefront of eDreams ODIGEO’s business strategy. By investing extensively in the latest and best technology such as the OneFront Platform, eDreams ODIGEO can remain ahead of competitors by continuing to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Dana Dunne, CEO of eDreams ODIGEO, said: “Technology is at the heart of our business, it’s an area we invest in heavily in order to provide a great customer experience. We believe the launch of the new OneFront Platform is a key foundation of our future success. Our highly-skilled engineers, together with our product and user experience teams, have achieved a build once which can now be deployed everywhere. The single platform allows for a shorter development cycle throughout our portfolio of brands, delivering far more value to our 16 million customers, and doing so much faster. Very few e-commerce companies of our size can claim to have such a flexible and powerful technological platform spanning across all devices like the improved capabilities of OneFront.”

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eDreams ODIGEO completes integration of its new technology platform