7 Oct 2020

Funds advised by Permira Debt Managers support new investment in DOCU Nordic

Permira Debt Managers (“PDM”), one of Europe’s leading specialist debt investors, today announced that funds advised by PDM are acting as senior secured lender to the new investment by Stirling Square Capital Partners (“Stirling Square”) and TA Associates in DOCU Nordic, a leading provider of business intelligence and data analytics.

The Permira Credit Solutions Funds’ investment, alongside Goldman Sachs and Arcmont, will support the acquisition of DOCU Nordic from Stirling Square’s Third Fund by Stirling Square’s Fourth Fund and the entrance of TA Associates as significant minority shareholders. The investment will also support DOCU Nordic’s acquisition of Vortal, a leading e-procurement platform.

The deal represents the PCS funds’ first transaction with both the existing sponsor, Stirling Square, and the new minority shareholder, TA Associates, and continues PDM’s strategy of supporting ambitious market leaders with a focus on technology.

Established in 2001, DOCU Nordic provides business intelligence and data analytics for the generation of sales leads within the construction, real estate and healthcare industries. Working under a number of independent trading brands, the group employs c.520 people and serves a client base of over 24,000 across Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The group is headquartered in Sweden.

The PDM funds have now supported over 250 European companies with over €10bnof capital since PDM’s inception in 2007.


Funds advised by Permira Debt Managers support new investment in DOCU Nordic by Stirling Square and TA Associates