3 Aug 2022

mParticle acquires AI startup Vidora to help teams augment customer profiles and improve their marketing stacks

The combined offering improves the value of customer engagement and analytics tools with predictive and prescriptive AI modeling capabilities.

NEW YORK — (August 3, 2022) — mParticle, a leader in customer data infrastructure, announced today that it has acquired Vidora, an AI personalization platform for customer data. With the acquisition, teams can now easily create and deploy models across mParticle’s partner ecosystem of 300+ API integrations to improve decisioning, segmentation, and personalization. The benefits of the combined offering include:

  1. Enhanced utilization of marketing and analytics tools.  The power of AI means teams are able to get more value from their existing systems – making them smarter and improving customer engagement holistically.
  2. Improved conversion and ROI at scale. Teams can easily build and deploy user scores for next-best-action and next-best-offer across their digital properties and marketing channels to maximize conversions and ROI.
  3. Predictive audience segmentation.  Teams can easily create lookalike audiences, automate goal seeking audiences, and deploy predictive uplift models to increase engagement and ROI, at scale.

This is mParticle’s second acquisition in the last seven months, and with it, marketers are able to create the most relevant, personalized experiences across any channel, without needing data engineering expertise. Teams are able to enhance customer context with AI, creating rich attributes around predicted spend, churn risk, next-best-action, most likely next purchase, and more.  These attributes are made available and actionable in real-time to any of the 300+ partners in the mParticle ecosystem.

“Teams need to do more with less and we believe that begins by doing better with data,” said mParticle CEO Michael Katz. “By incorporating AI into the data layer, teams can improve the value they get out of their customer data, their data pipelines, and their customer engagement toolset. The end result is unmatched performance without sacrificing scale.”

“The world is quickly changing.  A first-party data strategy is now more important than ever.  And AI should be at the core,” said Vidora CEO Alex Holub.  “When we started Vidora, we were fanatical about making AI models accessible and self-service for business users.  We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with mParticle to expand our impact and help the world’s most innovative brands deliver the best customer experiences with data and AI.”

In addition to integrating Vidora’s proprietary technology, mParticle will be adding Vidora’s team, led by Vidora CEO Alex Holub. Terms of the deal are not being disclosed at this time. 

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