5 Sep 2017

PCS2 and PCS3 act as sole lenders in the refinancing of RSK Group

On 5 September 2017, Permira Debt Managers (“PDM”) announced that direct lending funds Permira Credit Solutions II (“PCS2”) and Permira Credit Solutions III (“PCS3”) acted as sole lenders in the refinancing of RSK Group (“RSK”). This was a proprietary deal secured through PDM’s relationship with the RSK management team, following prior investments by PDM funds, and a strong relationship with the company’s advisor, Dow Schofield Watts.

RSK was established in 1989 as an environmental engineering and consulting firm, headquartered in Cheshire, UK. Its services enable clients to manage their land and property portfolio costs effectively and in compliance with regulations on health, safety and environmental issues. The company is a market leader across a diverse range of end markets such as energy, infrastructure, oil & gas and construction, with over 2,000 staff operating across 20 countries.

The refinancing also provides the business with a significant committed acquisition facility. RSK has already acquired and integrated two businesses using this facility to successfully grow the business into adjacent service lines and end markets, further enhancing its one-stop shop offering.