12 Dec 2019

Alter Domus announces that it is laying foundations for future growth

After reaching €300 million of revenues and $750bn client assets under administration, Alter Domus is laying the foundations for its next phase of growth:

  • Doug Hart, currently Regional Executive North America, has been appointed as Group CEO.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors Dominique Robyns will be succeeded* by Deputy Chairman René Beltjens.

Doug Hart appointed as Alter Domus Group CEO

The Board of Directors of Alter Domus is delighted to confirm Doug Hart as Group CEO. Doug brings over 25 years’ experience in the Funds Administration, Investment Servicing, and Capital Markets industry and is currently Alter Domus’ Regional Executive North America.

Doug was the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Cortland Capital Markets LLC (“Cortland”), acquired by the Alter Domus Group in April 2018. Under Doug’s leadership, Cortland – and then Alter Domus USA – have built innovative and trusted solutions to investment managers and commercial lenders.

Since 2018, Doug has been a member of Alter Domus’ Group Executive Board and leads the business in the US. This region now represents 30% of Alter Domus’ revenues, has demonstrated the largest growth and is soon expected to become Alter Domus’ largest region.

Last year, the Board of Directors asked Aidan Connolly to take over as CEO, shortly after he joined Alter Domus, to provide leadership and drive to the business. He has overseen significant growth and investments during this time and has devoted considerable effort integrating the US business into the Group. Recognising that the US offers the greatest opportunities for growth and that it will soon become the largest region, he is stepping down to allow a more local executive focus on growth in this region and to drive the Group. During his period of leadership, the Group has expanded across all key metrics. We would like to thank him for his contribution and to wish him well in his future endeavours.

“I am incredibly excited to lead the Group going forward. Since Cortland joined two years ago, I have personally seen the combined strength of the capabilities of Cortland and the broader Alter Domus organisation. This is indeed a powerful combination and positions us to provide all our stakeholders – AD team members, clients, and shareholders – far superior outcomes than our competitors.” said Doug Hart, Group CEO. René

Beltjens appointed as Chairman of the Board

As part of a succession plan which started in 2013, Dominique Robyns has now stepped down from the position of Chairman. The Board of Directors is delighted that Deputy Chairman René Beltjens has agreed to take on the Chairman role.

“I am delighted to be working with Doug, whose track record of business wins and inspiring leadership has been well proven through the evolution of Alter Domus North America. Alter Domus’ ambition is to continue to establish a more global group, proud of its European origins and resolutely focused on the opportunities offered by a presence on all continents. The largest growth area of our business is now in the USA and this will soon represent our largest region.” said René Beltjens, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Dominique Robyns commented: “Having worked with René for many years at Alter Domus I am confident that the business will continue in great hands and I look forward to René and Doug taking it forward. As a Founder of our company, I consider the Alter Domus teams as part of my family. I am therefore glad to remain present as an ambassador and a significant shareholder”. René Beltjens added: “I would like to personally thank Dominique for his friendship over the past 25 years and stewardship of Alter Domus. Dominique has been focused since day one on delivering the right services to our clients at a very high quality. I look forward to perpetuating this heritage and continuing this focus. We are proud of the strong foundation and the culture Dominique infused to Alter Domus.”


* Subject to regulatory approval

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Alter Domus announces that it is laying foundations for future growth