16 Feb 2015

eDreams lands in Japan, the world's second travel market

The world's largest online flight distributor continues with its international expansion with the opening of eDreams in Japan (www.edreams.jp). Japan is not only the world's third economic power, but also the largest travel market in Asia-Pacific and the second largest worldwide, and this is therefore a giant step forward in the online travel agency's internationalisation strategy.

The significance and potential of Japan have been key factors in the decision to go ahead with this launch. Japan has a global leadership position in different aspects thanks to its industrial capacity, its commercial might and the dominance of the financial markets. In addition, Japan, along with the United States, is the leader in the production of high technology and the number one producer in the automobile and shipping sectors.

eDreams has tailored its services to the special features of the market, where the total volume of online travel bookings amounts to 30,800 million dollars, and where the penetration of online travel is expected to reach 40% this year. After the leadership attained in Europe, the company wants to continue to reinforce its presence around the world, and Japan is one of the most important countries.

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eDreams lands in Japan, the world's second travel market