1 Jun 2016

PCS2 committed a follow-on investment to David Brown Gear Systems

On 1 June 2016, PCS2 committed a further €14 million to finance the merger of David Brown Gear Systems ("David Brown") with Santasalo to create a global player focused on high-end industrial gear boxes. PCS2 was able to secure the follow-on due to its strong relationship with the company and sponsor, Clyde Blowers.

David Brown has been recognized as a leading specialist in gear engineering and innovation for more than 150 years and now has seven manufacturing facilities established on five continents and a growing global network of 18 service centres and 14 sales offices.

Santasalo has been manufacturing and servicing industrial gear boxes since 1887. The company has a particular focus on the global player and pulp sector, and the mining sector. Santasalo has manufacturing sites in Finland, Germany and China with service work shops around the world. Santasalo was acquired by Clyde Blowers as part of Moventas acquisition and has been operating as an independent business since 2013.