Aearo Technologies

At exit, Aearo Technologies was a global leader in the personal protection equipment industry. It manufactured and sold products ranging from technologically advanced hearing protection devices to communication headsets. With our backing, Aearo’s European business grew by 30%.



Together we achieved

  • Successful expansion in Europe, with organic growth of 30% between 2005-2007 through the extension of various market-leading products in the communications and general industrial safety markets
  • An improvement to technological competencies, through investing in alliances and joint ventures
  • A raising of awareness and standards for hearing protection around the world: in 2007, Aearo conducted training sessions on hearing protection for more than 30,000 health & safety directors around the world

This was accomplished by

  • Achieving cost improvements through migrating production to Mexico and China
  • Strengthening market position and reputation for product development, which enhanced Aearo’s strategic desirability
  • Supporting management in developing and securing a number of alliances and joint ventures

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