Growth strategy

Permira Growth Opportunities (PGO) is a central element of Permira’s thematic, growth-oriented strategy.

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Partner of choice to scaling businesses

There is a growing demand for flexible, private investment to support growth of high-quality business. Permira’s growth strategy leverages the Permira platform to be an attractive partner of choice for backing growth at scale. There is a particular focus on technology and digital, where Permira has deep expertise. Permira is recognised for its collaborative approach, and the PGO strategy is attractive to ambitious founders and other experienced shareholders looking for a credible partner to support the next phase of growth.

PGO at a glance

Depth in tech & digital Image

Depth in tech & digital

Thematic focus on tech and digital

Targeting verticals with deep domain expertise and strong track record

High conviction around business quality Image

High conviction around business quality

High-growth global businesses

Sizeable and growing TAM

Category-leading business models

Compelling unit economics

Minority investments with targeted value-add Image

Minority investments with targeted value-add

Strong alignment with world-class management and other shareholders

Targeted value-add, leveraging vast experience

Permira resources supporting growth at scale Image

Permira resources supporting growth at scale

Accessing full breadth of Permira's network and operational resource

Deploying Senior Advisers, especially on boards

Partner-focused and collaborative approach

PGO Portfolio

Catawiki Image


Catawiki is the most-visited curated marketplace in Europe for collectables, art, design, jewellery, watches, classic cars and more.

(February 2021)

Sector Focus

Digital, Marketplaces

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Flixbus Image


FlixMobility is a young global mobility provider, offering new alternatives for convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly travel via the FlixBus, FlixCar and FlixTrain brands.

(August 2019)

Sector Focus

Digital, Marketplaces

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Full Truck Alliance Image

Full Truck Alliance

Full Truck Alliance (FTA) is the leading online commercial freight platform in China in the full-truck-load segment.

(November 2020)

Sector Focus

Digital, Marketplaces

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AllTrails Image


AllTrails is the leading global hiking app and home to the largest collection of digital trail guides, with over 300,000 hiking, running and mountain biking trails worldwide, and a community of over 30 million outdoor enthusiasts.

(November 2021)

Sector Focus


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Safti Image


SAFTI was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Toulouse. The company is a leading digital-native platform of independent real estate agents in France.

(June 2021)

Sector Focus

Consumer, Technology

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Relativity Image


Relativity creates intuitive software that helps law firms, government agencies, financial institutions, and other major corporations quickly find the truth in data.

(May 2021)

Sector Focus

Services, Technology

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Klarna Image


Klarna is an integrated digital payments platform.

(June 2018)

Sector Focus

Fin-Tech, Payments

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Minted Image


Minted is a leading premium online design marketplace specializing in customized stationery, art and home décor.

(December 2018)

Sector Focus

Digital, Marketplaces

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Mirakl Image


Mirakl is a leading marketplace SaaS platform that empowers both B2B and B2C organisations to launch and grow an enterprise marketplace at scale.

(January 2020)

Sector Focus

Technology, Software

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Nexthink Image


Nexthink is a leader in digital employee experience management.

(March 2021)

Sector Focus

Technology, Software

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Zwift Image


Zwift is a global online fitness platform for cyclists and runners. The company uses the power of gaming technology to bring the outdoor experience indoors.

(September 2020)

Sector Focus

Digital, Internet

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